Berggorilla & Regenwald Direkthilfe
Mountain Gorilla and Rainforest Direct Aid

For many years Berggorilla & Regenwald Direkthilfe, or Mountain Gorilla & Rainforest Direct Aid, has been supporting national parks in Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo where mountain gorillas live, as well as national parks in D.R. Congo where the Eastern lowland gorilla lives. Since 1989, for example, we have been supporting the "Mahinga Gorilla National Park Project" (MGNPP) as well as, since 1987, the "Bwindi Impenetrable National Park" with the delivery of ranger equipment, funds for a land-buying project (Bwindi) and personnel on the ground, with the late Klaus-Jürgen Sucker, who was one of our members and leader of the MGNPP. Our work is strictly honorary and we follow a strict policy to channel any funds raised directly into the relevant projects.

We publish a magazine called Gorilla Journal twice a year in German and in English, where our activities are described in detail.

These pages have been designed by Kilimanjaro Adventure Travel in an effort to contribute to B&RD's work for the continued protection of the gorillas and their habitat.

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Gorilla Journal

News from the Field

Mountain Gorilla Killed by Militia - 06/01

Mountain Gorillas

Virunga Gorilla Population Increases - 06/01

Democratic Republic of Congo (ex Zaire)
News from the Virunga National Park - 06/01
Sarambwe Protection - 12/00
Visit to the Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda - 06/01
Conservation NGOs unite for "Peace" - 12/00
An Outbreak of Mange Hits the Bwindi Gorillas - 06/01

Eastern Lowland Gorillas

Coltan Boom, Gorilla Bust - 06/01
A Community Project for Conservation - 06/00
Report of a Visit during the First Week of May 2001 - 06/01
World Heritage Animals in Danger - 06/01
Mount Tshiaberimu
News from Mt. Tshiaberimu - 06/01
The Situation in Maiko National Park - 12/00

Western Lowland Gorillas

The Role of the Cross River National Park in Gorilla Conservation - 06/01
Gorillas of Takamanda, Mone and Mbulu Forest, Cameroon - 06/01
Lowland Gorilla Tourism in Central Africa - 06/99

Conservation Issues

What, if Anything, Is Taxonomy? - 12/00
An Overview of Apes in Africa - 12/00
Bushmeat Action - 12/00
Western and Eastern Gorillas: Estimates of the Genetic Distance - 06/00
Is Gorilla Tourism Sustainable? - 06/98

Fund Raising Efforts

Chances for a New Life - 06/01
Equipment Deliveries - 06/00

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